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From The Road

  • “WE MISS YOU” from Your Gay Fans In Philly

“Hi Heidi, We are big fans of yours and have not heard you on XM lately. We are just missing you!”


  • “FALLING FOR YOU” from Mike Cummings

“I just got back from a local Mexican restaurant. I was wearing an XM tee shirt. A couple of the workers asked me if I listened to Heidi. I just about fell over.”


  • “SWEETEST SOUND” from Phil Fineman

“Your voice is so delicious. Your voice is sweeter than any type of candy. You’re the bestest!”


  • “LOYAL LISTENER” from Patrick Garcia 

“I like your show. I can’t change the channel when you’re on. Thanks!”


  • REACHING OUT” from Patrick Brennan 

“XM is just not the same without you! I had been listening to you since December 2001. How can I the listen to you now? Any upcoming appearances SF Bay Area.


  • “TUNE IN EVERY DAY” from Spencer Bridges

“Listening to 80’s with Heidi in the evening has

become a regular part of my day. You rock! Keep up the good work!”


  • “YOU MAKE ME LOL” from XM Listener

“Hi Heidi... I just got a portable XM Radio. Now, I

listen to you on my train ride home. I laugh my ass off listening to you! You’re the BEST!”

The Fans Speak


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Magazine Cover's

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Pin Up Girl

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