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Radio veteran HEIDI SELEXA voices a new show -- "Out Of The Friend Zone" -- targeting talk stations as well as music stations looking to add a relationship-based program to the lineup. 

SELEXA commented, "I will say what women think and what men should know that makes men more appropriate, available and desirable to women by unlocking the secrets of the female mind. My goal is for men to be fulfilled and women to be happy." 

CRN syndicates the hottest talent in talk radio to satellite and cable systems around the country, (including Cox Communications, Comcast Cable and others), broadcast radio stations, the Internet and a variety of talk radio applications.  

Each "Out Of The Friend Zone" show includes current relationship topics, listener interaction using callers, e-mail, text, TWITTER and other social media, and discussions of Internet dating, all built around weekly celebrity guest musicians, actors and authors.


"'Out of the Friend Zone' accomplishes something special," noted CRN Digital Talk Radio's CEO & President, Michael J. Horn. "Many shows help people with relationship and communication issues - but Heidi accomplishes it in an exceptionally fun way. She talks with listeners - not at them." 


Selexa touts a massive fan base, accumulated from her successful run on Sirius XM Satellite Radio's '80s on 8, as well being named one of the official pin-up girls by the U.S. soldiers in Iraq.


"Heidi is dedicated to bringing entertaining yet helpful radio," Horn added. "CRN is dedicated to bringing listeners a diverse, powerful lineup. Heidi and 'Out of the Friend Zone' fit in perfectly with CRN."

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