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"The Heidi Selexa Show" every day from 1-3 PST, 4-6 ET. 


"The Heidi Selexa Show" is a daily, 2-hour talk show syndicated in partnership with Genesis Communications Network. 


Heidi explores the day’s headlines with a refreshing and relatable analysis. Her engaging and accessible personality offers listeners an enjoyable alternative to the usual rant radio and political spin zones. 


The show has just been picked up by Supertalk 1050 Lynchburg VA for weekday evenings, plus was recently added to the Google Play and TuneIn platforms. 


Heidi Selexa has had over a 15 year success rate and credits her successful show on SiriusXM’s 80s on 8 with helping to build her national following. She's a 3x March of Dimes Personality of the Year award winner, nationally known for legendary radio stations MIX - Chicago, KBIG - Los Angeles, STAR 94.1 - San Diego, KDWB- Mpls., B94 Pittsburgh, WEDJ & KISS - Charlotte and XM Satellite Radio radio. She was titled one of the official pin-up girls by the U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Heidi's one-on-one intimate interviews with music icons like Don Henley, Tony Bennett, Cyndi Lauper and Willie Nelson are legend. Her show theme song was written and produced by Grammy winning artist Jim Peterik.

The Heidi Selexa Show is distributed by The Genesis Communications Network. Please Call 877-996-4327 ext 148 for Affiliate Relations.

  • Program Talk Time: 35:50 min                              Program Clock

  • Optional(Does not feed in XDS): 06:00 min

  • Local Ad Time: 12:00 min

  • Network Breaks: floating

  • Local Breaks: hard time

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